Origami DNA - Paper Model

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Double-stranded paper model of 10 basepairs of DNA.

How to make Origami DNA
1. Download PDF and print the file.
2. See instruction or video.
3. Fold it!

For people who can not open the video above due to copyrights:  Origami DNA - Paper Model (NO BGM)

When you connect a few models in serial, for example with staples or tapes, to build long strands, it looks like this....

Adapted from Yen, T., 1995, Make your own DNA. Trends in Biochemical Sciences, 20: 94.

See also a related link:

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    실제 DNA origami design하실 때, 종이를 접어서 하시나용? ㅋㅋ 궁금해서요~